Lady Liberty’s Motto:

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. What I can do, I should do, and with the help of God, I will do!


Lady Liberty's Bio

Patricia’s (a.k.a.: Lady Liberty) desire is to use her experience, training, and knowledge to best serve God, Country, and Family to the best of her ability. She hopes to inform and educate the American public of what a great and beautiful country we have, and remind Americans that:

"We, the People are the masters of both Congress and courts, not to over throw the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it!"

She wants to teach the Constitution & the intent of our Founding Fathers, for:
"My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge...!" Hosea 4:6.

She is a descendant (niece) of Dr. Benjamin Rush (one of several signers of the Declaration of Independence), several Christian Patriots of the American Revolution, Civil War, World War I, and World War II. Her ancestors, along with thousands of others gave their blood, sweat, and tears. With one, Richard Saye, Sr., paying the ultimate price for our Freedoms in the siege of Savannah, Georgia during the Revolution.

Patricia A. Saye was born in Miles City, Montana July 30th, 1949. She was raised in a Christian family, on their ranch, and around rodeos and cowboys. Her family lived near Broadus, Montana and in the Colleyville-Grapvine-Smithfield, Texas area, traveling to rodeos north, south, east, & west. They finally settled in Las Vegas, Nevada.

A widow at 23 years of age, she raised her daughter with traditional family values, and is passing those values on to her grandchildren. Most of her life she has worked in a professional office as a part of the administrative staff.

2000 – May 14th – Mother’s Day, participated in the Second Amendment Sisters’ “Armed Informed Mother’s March” in Washington, D.C. (District of Commu…OOPS! District of Crimina… OOPS AGAIN! I mean District of Columbia!)
2000 – April 19th, Participated in the dedication of the Branch Davidian’s “new” Mt. Carmel Church, near Waco, Texas.
1999 - Member of G.O.A.
1999 – December - Presently a member of the National Alliance of Firearms Board of Director
1999 – October 24th, In honor of “Michael New”, the U. N. “rag”, which Michael’s father, Daniel donated, was BURNED!
1999 – October 3rd Held a “Waco Walk” down the Las Vegas Strip, demanding the release of the Waco prisoners.
1998 - July 27th, “The Liberty Hour w/ Lady Liberty” first aired, of which I am the Producer, Engineer and Host of.
1998 – February 7th Became the Administrative Assistant to Aaron Russo during his run to become Governor of Nevada. Patricia organized, and instructed his grassroots supporters on how to become the chairman of their Precincts. We took control of the entire Clark County Republican Party, and with the help of many others through out the state, we also took control of the entire Nevada State Republican Party. After he lost the Primary, he sold us out by endorsing the Democrat Candidate. He has the right message, but was the wrong messenger.
1998 - Member of the Nevada State Republican Central Committee
1998 – Member of the Clark County Republican Central Committee
1997 - I co-hosted radio a radio program with Desert Owl heard on both AM and Short-wave Radio, and was the Secretary for the “United Truckers Defending the Constitution.
1994 – 1995 I have taught Constitutional and Genealogy courses in our local college.
1994 - Member of the N.R.A.
1994 Member of the CCRKBA
1994 - Member of the 2nd Amendment Foundation
1994 December – Received the CCRKBA’s “1994 Citizen of the Year Award” with the unanimous vote by their Board of Directors
1994 June - Helped organize the Clark County Nevada Militia
1994 May - Women & Guns wrote an article on my fight to preserve our 2nd Amendment.
1994 March - Citizen’s Committee for the Right to Keep & Bear Arms (CCRKBA) & Second Amendment Foundation’s Citizen of the month.
1994 February - Organized a demonstration at Foley Federal Bldg. on the unconstitutional “Brady Law.”
1992 - Secretary & Treasurer for Nevada Concern Citizens
1989 June 14th - 0rganized a March down the Las Vegas Strip, protesting burning of the American Flag on Flag Day
1988 – Secretary of the Nevada State Headquarters’ Pat Robertson’s Presidential Campaign. We built such a massive grassroots network, that Pat Robertson took the entire state in his run for President.
1988 – 1992 Member of the Clark County Republican Central Committee
1988 – 1992 Member of the Clark County Republican Executive Board
1988 – 1992 Member of the Nevada State Republican Central Committee
1970’s President, V-President, Secretary & Treas. of Clark County Nevada Genealogical Soc.

Never have been, and never will be a member of N.O.W.