It's easy to win a beautiful Lady Liberty T-Shirt!

Here's what you do:

1) Listen to "The Liberty Hour" with Lady Liberty every week night from 8 - 9 pm (Pacific) on 1060AM - KKVV on your radio in Las Vegas, or on the Internet by logging on to my web sit at or if you can not log on my site, go to the KKVV web site at:

2) If you live in Las Vegas, call Lady Liberty at 650-5588, & if you're listening on the Internet, from out of the area, you can call our toll free line 800-366-8883

3) When you call in, give your name and from where you are calling. For example: My name is Patricia, calling from Las Vegas. Your name is then written down and placed in a hat. You are now "eligible" to win a Lady Liberty T-Shirt!

4) Once a month, during "The Liberty Hour" with Lady Liberty, a name will be drawn from a hat, and the winners name will be announced.

5) The winner then has 10 mins. and 60 sec. to call in.

6) If the winner does not call in to claim the Lady Liberty T-Shirt within the 11 minutes (10 mins and 60 secs.), another name is called out. This is repeated until there is a winner. If there is NOT a winner, "all" of the names are thrown out, and we start all over again for next month's drawing.

7) The more times you call in, the better chance you have in winning. Your name will only be added once, if you happen to call more than one time during the program.

8) By calling every weeknight, every month, over a period of time, it is possible to win a Lady Liberty T-Shirt for every member of your family.

9) Now, here's the catch. You will never know which night of the month, the drawing will be held. This means that you will have to listen every night of the month, "if" you want to win a Lady Liberty T-Shirt.

I hope you'll listen to "The Liberty Hour" with Lady Liberty, and I hope you're a winner, because I am! I'm a winner, every time "you" are a listener! Thank you for listening.

Lady Liberty